Plasma Cutting

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Sumiparts SAS plasma cutting service allows different metals and various sheet metal thickness to be processed for the manufacture of large parts.


Plasma cutting is a process that is based on sending a jet of ionized gas at high speed from the hole. The ionized gas at high speed is the plasma , which conducts the electricity from the tool torch to the workpiece. In summary, plasma heats the part to melt the material and break it.

Plasma cutting differs from laser cutting in that the latter is produced by the generation of a high-power laser beam to cut the part. The laser generates the beam of light through a mirror system of high precision and a focusing lens.

Benefits and Features of Plasma Cutting

-It can be made of any type of metal, such as steels and aluminum . They must be conductive and smooth, as the cuts will be faster and thicker.

-It is easier to use in a machining workshop, both on thin materials and in thicker plates. even in the second type, a larger current source is required.

- Plasma cutting does not require an operator to be present to control the speed of the cut.

-It is faster and non-linear cuts can be made, achieving quality finishes.

-The plasma cutting can be done in different types: by air plasma, by air injection, with oxygen injection or with double flow.

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