Aluminum and Zamak Injection

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At Sumiparts SAS, the Aluminum and Zamak Injection process has the possibility to create complex metal parts that can be produced through reusable molds.

inyeccion de aluminio

The injection of aluminum and zamak, as well as other metals, although it presents a way of working similar to plastic injection , consists of a slightly more rigorous manufacturing process, since the state of the material to be melted must be in the ideal conditions to be fed into the cavities of the mold.

On this technique, the mold is not destroyed for every injection, it is permanent, and it is developed with special steels for hot work.

The principle that the aluminum and zamak injection process uses is high pressure casting, which today represents around 50% of all light alloy casting production, while low pressure casting represents around 20%. of production and its use is for parts with demanding mechanical characteristics.


The aluminum and zamak injection equipment consists of two vertical plates in which the mold holders that hold the halves of the die are located. A fixed plate and the other has a movement for the removal of the piece.

A metered quantity of metal is poured into the container and then fed into the mold cavity using a hydraulically actuated piston.

Once the metal has solidified, the mold is opened and the injected part is removed. On this process, special precautions must be taken to avoid gas inclusions that cause blistering during heat treatment or welding of the cast product.

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