Sheet metal Rolling

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At Sumiparts SAS we are specialists in Sheet metal Rolling for the development of residential, industrial, commercial and urban projects.

rolado de lamina

The Sheet Metal rolling process, or also known commercially as turning, is used to shape tanks, and generally has less complications than the one formed by bending , since material´s turning is based in the creation of circumferences by means of a set of rollers and not to angles that concentrate a greater amount of efforts by means of of the punches and dies.

High mechanical strength steels can be cold or hot formed, we can finf recommendations from their manufacturers about the material modifications, so that there are no excesses that could lead to stress concentration, which, in turn, damage the material.

There are different processes for bending materials , each with parameters to be considered such as the thickness-width ratio. Turning in a 3-roll machine is considered one of the best options

Sumiparts SAS, opens its doors for the development of all your projects in Platen Rolling, as we have previously evaluated, we specialize in the design, structuring and manufacture of your products and we are specialists in:

Bending on 3-point rolling machines

-Tank development


-Ángles profiles

-IPE-HEA beams

-U Channels

-Sheet metal


If you want to know more about the Sheet Metal Bendings, at SUMIPARTS we are willing to collaborate with you. We want to provide you with the best services at your reach. Get in touch with us by calling Pbx: +57 748 22 13 Cel: 313 699 13 56 or by sending an email to Our technical team will be ready to assist you.

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