TIG Welding

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Sumiparts SAS special TIG welding are carried out by highly qualified welders for the successful development of your projects.

TIG Welding

Welding in industry is a more than common process. Joining metal parts or modifying them usually requires an additional substance to interfere to act as a link and allow the parts to be completely seamless. For this it is necessary to do a TIG or MIG / MAG welding.

TIG welding is characterized by the use of a permanent tungsten electrode alloyed with zirconium or with thorium. It is a procedure that is used when you want to make side pieces that need to be finished with some type of welding, especially when you want to work with magnesium or aluminum structures.

To weld, it uses the heat of the electric arc that is generated between the piece in question and the tungsten electrode, also having a gaseous protection system.

Typical applications of TIG welding

Here are the common applications for TIG welding:

- Welding of nickel alloys and titanium or aluminum equipment.

- First pass welding alloy steel, stainless steel or nickel alloy pipes. Internal welding of urea reactors made of stainless steel and titanium.

- Welding of the tubes to the plates of the heat exchangers.

Differences between MIG / MAG welding and TIG welding

The main difference between MIG / MAG welding and TIG welding is that, in the first, the electrode acts as a filler for welding and is consumed in the process, while in the second, it does not change.

In addition, TIG is generally considered more difficult to do than the other two as a result of tolerances between the electrode, workpiece, and filler rod. Its uses and applications, as already mentioned before, are quite different, being the MIG and MAG types the most used in the industry in general.

If you want to know more about the TIG Welding, at SUMIPARTS we are willing to collaborate with you. We want to provide you with the best services at your reach. Get in touch with us by calling Pbx: +57 748 22 13 Cel: 313 699 13 56 or by sending an email to info@sumiparts.com. Our technical team will be ready to assist you.

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