Satin Surface Finishing Process

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Sumiparts SAS Satin Finishing process completely eliminates traces of other processes, such as scratches or unwanted reliefs, giving a perfect finish for its final use.

Satinado de Acero

Satin is that finish that is between finished and intermediate in terms of gloss. It has special characteristics that improve the appearance of the walls and the decoration in general.

In metallurgy, satin finish does not produce a high shine but has a silky smooth feel. The satin finish reflects more light and favors ambient lighting. It is an easy to clean finish and is visually pleasing in appearance. It improves the environments allowing them to look delicate and original due to its silky appearance.

However in the metallurgical field there are standards to give metalworkers and other interested parties clear definitions of satin finishes:

- US2C (602), is a galvanized finish on top of another type of metal, usually cadmium on steel.

- US2CD, is a galvanized satin finish on top of a steel base. 

- US4 (606, 633), is a satin brass finish on top of plated brass or steel is identified as 

- A satin finish on brass or steel is known as US5 (609, 638). 

– El bronce o acero bronce-plateado, un acabado satinado es US10 (612, 639). 

- In stainless steel, the satin finish is identified as US32D (630). 

- A matt satin chrome finish on bronze, brass and steel is US26D (626, 652). 

- Satin nickel finish on brass, bronze and steel is US15A (620, 647). 

To make sure you are getting the same finish on all your metal, just match the numbers of the products you are purchasing.

If you want to know more about the Satin Surface Finishing Process, at SUMIPARTS we are willing to collaborate with you. We want to provide you with the best services at your reach. Get in touch with us by calling Pbx: +57 748 22 13 Cel: 313 699 13 56 or by sending an email to Our technical team will be ready to assist you.

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