Tube and rod bending

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Tube and rod bending. At Sumiparts SAS we are specialists in the molding and development of bending and bending processes for high precision machining.

curvado de tubo

Tube and rod bending is a process to obtain precision machining and high production volume . The processes for the machining parts are many and varied, you can turn the part, weld, drill, bend, cut, sharpen, bend , and the latter, the tube and rod bending, is one of the most important developments of Sumiparts SAS

Tube bending when machining

The tubes are used to frame and support, among other things. For this reason, the possibilities of tube bending are wide. We offer machines with the latest technology , which offer complete solutions.

The bending of the tube depends on the diameter to be bent , as well as the thickness and the material to be bent. For steel tubes , the machinery must generate enough energy to deform the part , without producing harmful secondary effects, such as stress.

To make the tube´s bending process , a bender attached to a support is needed. In this, the different pieces are adjusted to each other and that will bend in a curved shape due to the pressure of the bender tube on the piece . There are a large number of bending machines depending on the parts and the pressure we want to exert on them.

The tube bending for the machining of parts , can be used in sectors such as construction, locksmithing, metal structures, automotive, petro-chemical industry , among others.


Rod bending when machining

Another type of bending that is also used for precision machining is rod bending .

During the bending process , in which the metal is compressed inside, the base material is placed in the machine and driven until the desired dimension is achieved. rod bending uses specialized machines , such as bending rollers .

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