CNC Machining

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Specialized CNC machining. At Sumiparts we provide technical support for the development of your products, CAD / CAM assistance, quality and compliance.

CNC machining refers to Computer Numerical Control ( CNC ), it is the system that allows control , at all times, the position of a tool through automation .

The machines are operated with set up commands , through a program and a set of commands that are applied to it. The program and the commands allow us to coordinate the position of the work tool. The function is to develop the designs with complex geometries that have been captured in a CAD software .

¿How CNC Machining Numerical Control Works?

To use a CNC machining system, first orders are set up into the program , the machine is loaded and will execute the entire route commanded by the orders. The program offers figures that refer to displacement on the axes: The first figure is the X axis , the second the axis and, the third the Z axis .

Therefore, the numeric control the coordinates and the way to move . The great advantage is that, by machining , we can obtain fully customized products tailored to the customer.

Numerical Control Machinery

  • Cnc milling machine : The cnc milling machine is ideal for flat surfaces or for making holes . The cnc milling machine is computer controlled and is used with a large number of materials.
  • CNC lathe : With Zinc Machinery we have a large number of CNC Turning Machine so that the customer will get a product with perfect finishes . It can be machined with control lathes numerical such as the parallel lathe, the laser, the automatic lathe or the revolver . With those Turning machines, great precision is obtained, just what we are looking for in Synchro Machining .
  • CNC saw : It is used to make cuts of great accuracy and precision . It is also ideal for extracting shavings from finished products. With the cnc saw a perfect finish and excellent quality is already perfomed.

Why choosing a CNC machining is better than a conventional one?

It is not a complicated choice since each type of machining offers its advantages, The process starts identifying what type of work you need to do, since everything is a cost benefit and here we will explain how to make the best decision.

Generally, those types of CNC mechanized procedures are used when high manufacturing volumes are required in short times, or when they are low manufacturing volumes but require a high level of precision.

One of the fundamental factors in the machining CNC processes is the dimensional uniformity and finish of your products. As we well covered at the beginning of this blog, CNC machining is characterized by not requiring permanent manual intervention, given this, the entire programmed manufacturing batch will retain its dimensional and finish uniformity, as long as it is guarantee the conditions for the care and correct operation of the tools that the CNC has.

Por otro lado en el mecanizado convencional todo el peso del trabajo recae sobre el operario, las configuraciones de velocidad, los avances de trabajo, posicionamiento de herramientas, etc.

Para concluir este aspecto, la intervención manual es lo que puede generar variación  en los parámetros del producto, sin embargo ten en cuenta que para generar un Machining CNC, es necesario un previo diseño de la pieza, programación CNC y posterior configuración de los parámetros de la máquina, lo cual puede representar una demora en el inicio del lote, pero posteriormente compensara con su velocidad de trabajo por pieza.

Sumiparts SAS, abres sus puertas para el desarrollo de todos tus proyectos en CNC Machining y Mecanizados convencionales, como bien lo evaluamos anteriormente nos especializamos en el diseño, estructuración y fabricación de tus productos y somos especialistas en:

Mecanizado en Aceros Inoxidable

Mecanizado en Aceros al Carbono

Mecanizado en Bronces

Mecanizado en Aluminios

Mecanizado en Cobres

Mecanizado en plásticos de Ingeniería

Mecanizado en Duraluminios

Si deseas saber más sobre este servicio de CNC Machining en SUMIPARTS estaremos en la mayor disposición de colaborarte. Deseamos brindarte los mejores servicios al alcance de tus manos. Ponte en contacto con nosotros llamando al Pbx: +57 748 22 13 Cel: 313 699 15 56 o enviando un correo a Nuestro equipo técnico estará en toda la disposición de atenderle.

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