Sheet Metal Punching

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At Sumiparts SAS we give you personalized advice, so that the Sheet Metal Punching process has an optimal final result.

Sheet Metal Punching with CNC or numerical control system is yet another of the processes that we carry out at Sumiparts SAS, Industrial Supplies. 

Because it is a computerized procedure, we can guarantee high precision final results, since the margin of error is reduced through the calibration of the punching machine and a special plane landing program for it. 

The sheet metal punching service can be performed in all types of sheet metal, lattice, cut, cut and die-cut formats, with the highest precision and quality, whether in stainless steel; carbon steel, aluminum and galvanized.

To ensure the success of the process, we have a series of punch references, which allows us to save material and money according to the number of strokes that the machine will have to deliver.


How is the Sheet Metal Punching process done?

This is a work that is carried out through the sheet and plate cutting , using a punch and a die. The application of punch forces on the material to be introduced creates an initial deformation, followed by a breakage of the material due to the rapid propagation of cracks between the cutting edges of the punch. The procedure results in a fairly obvious change.


Three stages are taken into account in the sheet metal punching process:

- Deformation: Produced by the punch on the metal sheet, which originates in an elastic deformation around the edges of the punch and the die.

- Inclusion: It occurs when the cutting edges of the punch and the matrix manage to insert themselves into the material, producing cracks in it along the cutting edges.

- The Fracture: After the cracks in the sheet originate, the laser continues to descend to expel the cut, which produces the impregnation of the same in the matrix and the expulsion of the cut material.


Any of the advantages of the punching of sheet metal are:

- They avoid scratches on the sheet and unnecessary movements since the material circulates in only one direction.

- Variety of up to 60 punches and dies In the machines used for punching, which can rotate and be placed in position achieving better speed.

- Speed in the processes, since being an automated process it can be done for parts and mass products, or also if special developments are desired tailored to customer needs.

At Sumiparts SAS we have personalized advice from the design team and the punching machine operator, to make good use of the plans and if it is necessary to improve the arrangement of the parts that you want to punch in the metal sheet, so that the final result is optimal.

Get in touch with us by calling Pbx: +57 748 22 13, Cel phones: (+57) 313 699 13 56 or by sending an email to Our technical team will be at your disposal to assist you. 

Ponte en contacto con nosotros llamando al Pbx: +57 748 22 13, los teléfonos Cel: (+57) 313 699 13 56 o enviando un correo a Nuestro equipo técnico estará en toda la disposición de atenderte.

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