Rubber Extrusion

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With the Sumiparts SAS rubber extrusion system, we can produce a wide variety of profiles for automotive, architectural and industrial lines.


The rubber extrusion process is alike to the plastic extrusion process, the material is forced under pressure, through a die, thus adopting the desired shape. The vulcanization process must be carried out before the rubber part or profile is usable.

Vulcanization takes place in the last step of rubber extrusion, this process helps the profiles and rubber parts to maintain their shape and acquire the necessary physical properties.


Types of rubber extrusion according to vulcanization processes

- Non-stop vulcanization extrusion: The rubber goes through a curing or vulcanizing tunnel, where the temperature is raised for vulcanization.

- Off-line vulcanization extrusion: The hot rubber is driven through the die and is then exposed to high pressure steam in order to reach the appropriate temperature for vulcanization.

Advantages of the extrusion process

- Wide variety of shapes
- Economical process
- Flexible and lightweight products
- High efficiency

Our factories can produce a wide variety of cross sections, even customized, in different materials and sizes according to the customer's technical specifications.

Our suppliers are capable of producing custom parts from virtually any type of rubber.

– Foam Rubber

- Neoprene
- Butyl rubber.
- Fluoroelastomer / FKM or Viton.
- Neoprene
- Nitrile rubber (NBR).
- Polisoprene.
- Silicone (VMQ).

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