Electrostatics Painting

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Sumiparts SAS electrostatic paint is an excellent option for coating metal and plastic parts, as it offers a more uniform and protective finish for products.

Pintura Electrostática

Electrostatic Paint is classified as a coating that is applied as a fluid, dry powder, which is usually used to create a hard finish that is more resistant than conventional paint.

The process is carried out in facilities equipped that provide a curing oven, cabinets for application with electrostatic guns and usually an air transport chain, where the parts are hung, usually aluminum parts, auto parts or electrical appliances.

In the manufacturing industry electrostatic painting finds a wide application, from a qualitative point of view, it is easier to apply and from an ecological point of view, it does not create any problems for the operators and the environment.

Electrostatic paint can be applied to the following materials such as steel, aluminum, and galvanized metals. With colorants, all shades of color can be obtained, including the RAL 7032 range.


Uses and applications of electrostatic powder painting

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects, parts and parts

Metal and plastic office furniture, Filing cabinets, Metal cabinets ( Lockers ), Cabinets, Ducts, Shelves, Pedestals, Sides, Poles, Bases, Screens, Skirts, Hardware and accessories for open office.

  • Commercial section

Shelves, Displays, Luminaires, Heating equipment, Traffic signs, Sculptures, Ornamentation, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Shock absorbers, Auto parts, Windshield wipers, Exhostos, Locksmith, Crafts, Toys, Wire articles, Safes.

  • Industrial Sector

Sheet, Pipe, Platen and profiles in Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled, Machinery, Tools, Anticorrosive Primers, Scaffolding, Metallurgical pieces, Beams, Plates, Formetas, Shelves, Ducts, Pipes, Pipes, Sheds, Silos, Appliances. Auto parts and pieces, Corrugated and corrugated metal roof tiles, Ventilation ducts.

  • Hospital Sector

Stretchers, Table and bed structures, Screens, Orthopedic, Scales, Instrumentation trolleys, Bridge tables, Medical panels.

  • Home Sector

Terrace furniture, Railings, Stairs, Stoves, Refrigerators, Radiators, Mailboxes, Heaters, Handrails, Beds, Tables, Picture frames, Shelves, Wardrobes, Air conditioning grills, Locks, Taps, Sanitary elements, Doors, Gates, Protections, Panels for facades.

  • Electric sector

Gutters, Dielectrics, Lighting Pole, Cable Carriers, Boards, Counters, Chests, Racks, and Electrical Cabinets.

  • Aluminum objects, pieces and parts

Aluminum profiles for bathroom and office divisions, Architectural windows, Access gates, Sunshades, Sheets, Frames, Doors, Car tires.

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